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 New Clan Ventrilo server

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lord sauron

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PostSubject: New Clan Ventrilo server   Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:51 pm

Last night me and Rs 4 life 420 made an clan ventrilo server for clan members to use.

In this post I will show you how to obtain ventrilo client and then
how to connect to the server. First things first if you do not know what
ventrilo is, it is a client that connects to a server host threw host
ip and port the server is 3rd party and leaves no risk to you nor me
meaning its 100% safe to use. ventrilo itself is a chat room that lets
you communicate by voice to any one in that certain channel. this allows
for clan members to communicate without using the chat box in game and
stopping what you are doing to type. the server allows 250 users to be
on at any given time and 100 per channel.

OK so how do you obtain ventrilo i will place the link here =>

When you go to that page you will see to sections Client programs
and Server programs click the download link on what ever platform you
are using ex " xp, Vista>> " and so on.

After you download ventrilo open it and install its a fairly small program shouldn't take longer than 2 minuets on a old pc.

Now for the technical part once ventrilo is installed open it you
should get a box that on the top left hand corner should say User Name -
Server - Bindings.

Now to the right of that just in the right side of the bar you will see 3 ->.

Click the top -> on the user names tap .

This will bring up a setup user box, click new which is located on
the middle top of the box you cant miss it. and type in what ever you
want then click OK, preferably your in game name so we know who you on the setup user box hit OK the other boxes of information are
not needed.

Now click the -> on the server line. note this is the one under the
first one you did. You will now see a box saying connection editor,
Click New And type In NERDZ for server name, then hit OK. Now back in
connection editor you will see Hostname or IP click the white box and
type in (

Now after that click on the white box next to Port Number and type
in (50905). then hit OK the password and default channel isnt needed to
log on to the Ventrilo client.

Now back in the client just click the connect button on the right
hand side and your good to go. anyways thank you all and hope to get to
chat with most of you. afro
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New Clan Ventrilo server
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